Relax At Our Health Club
At Hallmark Health Club Preston Leyland

Swim, steam and relax

Our sauna and steam room are also situated poolside and you are welcome to use all these relaxation areas if you are a guest of the hotel, member or day visitor. The steam room has recently been upgraded to further lock in those invigorating blasts.

We have a cross-trainer and brand new treadmill as part of our leisure facilities in our ‘trimnasium'. These pieces of equipment have been chosen because they offer a fantastic all-over body workout. They provide a great cardiovascular and resistance exercise regime to help increase your fitness level and tone and shape your muscles. Use is included in all memberships and the team can offer expert advice in how to use them to help you reach your fitness goals.

Relax at Hallmark Health Club Preston Leyland


Saunas and steam rooms are well-reported for their health benefits, including increased circulation, soothing muscle soreness, improving joint movement and easing arthritic pain. The heat also promotes relaxation of course, which can improve feelings of wellbeing. Steam is known for its detoxifying qualities. Both can improve skin tone.

Relax at Hallmark Health Club Preston Leyland


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